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I took this musical idea from a piece called “Souvenir de Moscow”, by Henri Wieniawski.
The structure of this piece was interesting for me as it starts with an introduction and a Russian song, then followed by a series of variations and it ends with the melody of a national Russian dance.
I decided to take this model and write a musical composition about Chile.
I composed this piece in the form of variation by using three main folk Chilean themes: “Gracias a la Vida” (“Thanks to life”) by Violeta Parra, “Si Vas para Chile” ("If you go to Chile”) by Chito Faró and the rhythms of the national Chilean dance: the "Cueca". "Viaje Musical por Chile" was written on June of 2013 and dedicated to the Chilean cellist Everyn Aguirre-Araya.

Viaje Musicalpor Chile

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