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Sakura variation for solo violin   4EUR            

"Sakura" is the name given to the flowers of the Japanese Cherry blossom. Due to its beauty, luxuriant shape and rick colors, it has been used as an inspiration to create the famous Japanese folk song that represents spring. On 2012, I wrote variations based on this well known melody for Violin solo.



"Viaje Musical por Chile" (Musical Trip Around Chile), 8EUR

I took this musical idea from a piece called “Souvenir de Moscow”, by Henri Wieniawski.
The structure of this piece was interesting for me as it starts with an introduction and a Russian song, then followed by a series of variations and it ends with the melody of a national Russian dance.
I decided to take this model and write a musical composition about Chile.
I composed this piece in the form of variation by using three main folk Chilean themes: “Gracias a la Vida” (“Thanks to life”) by Violeta Parra, “Si Vas para Chile” ("If you go to Chile”) by Chito Faró and the rhythms of the national Chilean dance: the "Cueca". "Viaje Musical por Chile" was written on June of 2013 and dedicated to the Chilean cellist Everyn Aguirre-Araya.


Hometown(Furusato)for viola and piano   3.55EUR 

Sunset,Red in the Afterglow(Yuyake Koyake)for viola and piano  3.55EUR

Red Dragonfly(Akatombo)for viola and piano   2.99EUR


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